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A Body Session is body therapy treatment, performed by one of our skilful therapists

Everyone has a childhood baggage, but regardless whether due to physical or emotional stresses or stress caused by foods and an unhealthy environment, those issues will improve after a body cleanse session.

We apply methods based on a large number of well-tested theories that have successfully changed the lives of many people.

The technique is mastered by a combination of muscle massage, joint mobilization, pulsating movements, breathing techniques and the specific aku/zone press of Body SDS.

Above all, the unique combination of Body SDS methods will boost your circulation and activate perfusion in your body. This in turn will make it easier to relieve your muscular tensions, tendon inflammations and joint swelling. Once tensions are relieved, your blood circulation will improve, thus promoting a cleansing effect both physically and mentally.

Using their empathy and their anatomical knowledge, our therapists will go in and palpate where the fundamental issues are rooted. That way, the therapist can treat your exposed and vulnerable areas. Our basic attitude is that all parts of the body are interconnected, so we always work on the whole body. For instance, a very concrete knee injury may very well be connected with an irritable bowel.

This holistic treatment is based on your wishes and needs, and on whatever our therapists sense in your body.

Basically, the aim of a body session is to work on your physical and emotional load, and so to enhance and strengthen your health. However, this is not only a treatment for you, who are already under stress. It is also an option for you who want to do better in your everyday life and optimize your own performance.

A session will last 55 minutes, including undressing/dressing, therapy, and a conversation if needed. Although we all utilize the same techniques, each session can be perceived as different.

What body sessions can do for you

Everything, ranging from clinical illness to disease prevention, maintaining a healthy body and enhancing your physical and mental performance.

We have considerable experience in these conditions:

Skeletomuscular issues, organ issues, and nervous/sensory issues.

Stress, anxiety, trauma, arthritis, sprains, pain, tenderness, whiplash, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, mouse injury, back/neck problems, eczema, allergy, asthma, digestive disorders, chronic infection, kidney/gall bladder pain.

Other issues we can help with:

Performance enhancement (including performing sports), enhancing health and well-being, self development, body cleansing.

For more information: Please check out our treatment statistics .

Therapists in Parken Local Authorized Therapists


 TherapistSupervisorSeniorviserBengt (founder)
1 session895,-1.025,-1.200,-3.000,-
Vouchers (5 sessions)4.150,-*4.800,-**5.400,--
Vouchers (10 sessions)7.950,-*8.795,-**10.200,--
Stud./child u. 12 yr/senior750,-845,-930,--

* Vouchers only for normal therapists (Not Supervisors and Seniorvisorer).
** Vouchers for Supervisorer may also be used for normal therapists. But not for Seniorvisorer.


You need to cancel your appointment no later than 24 hours in advance. If cancelling over the weekend, you are to send an e-mail to , with the Word “AFBUD” in the subject field. Furthermore, your e-mail should be sent no later than 24 hours before your appointment. Late cancellation or missing your appointment will cost you DKK 460.

For Bengt´s appointments: Late cancellation or missing out will cost you an extra fee of DKK 1200 per appointment missed.

Volume Vouchers

When bought you will receive an reciept saying how many treatments you bougth. After each session you will receive a new reciept showing you the remaining treatments. The vouchers are linked to your Body SDS account and therefore personal. Sharing vouchers with others is ok when accepted by the buyer. Volume discount vouachers expire after 3 years. Once purchased, volume discount vouchers cannot be refunded. Vouchers are not available for Bengt´s appointments.


Students, children under 12, senior Citizens over 65, recipients of disability pension and recipients of disability pension receive a discount.

NB: Documentation must be presented to qualify for a rebate.

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