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We have the Experience

Body S|D|S has been treating children for years, and for several conditions – including tics, colic, kiss-kidd syndrome, eczema, asthma, anxiety and sadness. In many cases, our treatments were able to relieve various child ailments and conditions.

However, a treatment does not merely relieve specific children’s diseases. Body sessions also help children be at ease in their bodies, prepare for the resistance and challenges of everyday life and breathe deeply into their bodies (a tool they will need for their lifetime). In other words: A children’s treatment provides optimal conditions for a child to thrive.

The point is to give the child more latitude, allowing him or her to feel that the body can accommodate whatever life has to offer. Enough space and place to be happy.

A society of clenched jaws, congestion and ignored needs Actually children are often easier to treat than adults. This is because children are straightforward. They say ‘ouch’ when it hurts, they yawn when they are tired, and they cry when they are in distress. MOST OF THE TIME. And we need to teach them to go on like that. Sadly, expressing our needs is an ability that comes less and less easily to us adults in a modern society. We brace up and accumulate. That narrows our ‘inner space’ – the necessary free space allowing us to have energy reserves and feel happy. If we teach children to listen to signals from their bodies, and how everything fits together in it, they can also avoid putting it under too much stress – so they can handle more on a day-to-day basis.

Children’s inner space

In his book “Børns indre rum” (The inner space of children), Ole Kåre Føli, founder of Body S|D|S deals with the lifestyle of children in our modern society, encouraging you to help your child be in touch with his or her emotions and not overtax his or her body . Among other things, the book encourages parents to teach children to feel their own emotions and respond to them, so they do not get stuck physically, building stress. Read much more about the book HERE.

Infants – Help your little one to a good start Right from tender infancy, you can give your child a headstart towards balance of body and mind. Using specific Body SDS massage techniques, we can support your baby’s digestion, stimulate its body awareness and strengthen the nervous system of the newborn to handle stress and insecurity. Treatments will help your little one become more tranquil and trusting.

If you are more confident treating your own baby, you can watch our easy massage techniques for infants, shown in our DVD series.

Birth distortion

Obviously, childbirths are hugely different – meaning that their impacts on newborns also vary considerably. Some childbirths are less demanding and challenging than others. In some cases, a difficult and hard delivery can cause health challenges or manifest physical distortions in the newborn. Used in early infancy, Body SDS treatments can help correct minor defects and misalignments that could otherwise develop into far more significant disabilities and misalignments later on.

Who among our body therapists treat children? We treat children with the same techniques we use for adults. However, only a select few of our therapists have specialized in the treatment of children.

Choose the right Therapist

We use the same technuiqes on children that we use on adults. However, only few of our therapists have specialized themselves in treatment of children.

All ages:
Henrik Kalsbøll, Keven Bruun, Claus Linnemann, Michell Kowal, Henrik Jørgensen, Nikita Andersen, Zarbina Andersen og Jørgen Petersen.

5 years +
Lotte JustesenMie Kronholm, Ditte Magtengaard

6 years +
Michael IvenThomas Klarskov Larsen


 TherapistSupervisorSeniorviserBengt (founder)
1 session875,-975,-1.125,-3.000,-
Vouchers (5 sessions)4.025,-*4.575,-**5.250,--
Vouchers (10 sessions)7.850,-*8.250,-**9.450,--
Stud./child u. 12 yr/senior725,-825,-925,--

* Vouchers only for normal therapists (Not Supervisors and Seniorvisorer).
** Vouchers for Supervisorer may also be used for normal therapists. But not for Seniorvisorer.


You need to cancel your appointment no later than 24 hours in advance. If cancelling over the weekend, you are to send an e-mail to , with the Word “AFBUD” in the subject field. Furthermore, your e-mail should be sent no later than 24 hours before your appointment. Late cancellation or missing your appointment will cost you DKK 460.

For Bengt´s appointments: Late cancellation or missing out will cost you an extra fee of DKK 1200 per appointment missed.

Volume Vouchers

When bought you will receive an reciept saying how many treatments you bougth. After each session you will receive a new reciept showing you the remaining treatments. The vouchers are linked to your Body SDS account and therefore personal. Sharing vouchers with others is ok when accepted by the buyer. Volume discount vouachers expire after 3 years. Once purchased, volume discount vouchers cannot be refunded. Vouchers are not available for Bengt´s appointments.


Students, children under 12, senior Citizens over 65, recipients of disability pension and recipients of disability pension receive a discount.

NB: Documentation must be presented to qualify for a rebate.

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