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Mød rygradden i et af Danmarks mest populære behandlingssystemer

I vores hovedsæde i Parken, finder du et helt unikt behandlermiljø, hvor daglig vidensdeling, vedvarende videreuddannelse og løbende supervision sikre den allerhøjeste kvalitet. Samtidig er det også her, hvor vi uddanner vores terapeuter. Alt sammen i tæt samarbejde med stifterne af Body SDS.

Vi kalder vores behandlere: Kropsterapeuter, Supervisorer og Seniorvisorer. Længere nede kan du se forskelen på dem.






Which body therapist should I choose?

Body S|D|S offers treatments by general body therapists, supervisors and seniorvisors.  Learn more about the difference below.

Body S|D|S body therapist
A ”handpicked” efficient body therapist with potential for more.

Body S|D|S supervisor
A body therapist with supervising and teaching capabilities.

Body S|D|S seniorvisor
A body therapist with maximum experience and “all-round” treatment skills.

In-depth explanation:

For the first long period, a Body S|D|S employed therapist will be part of our treatment team as a body therapist. In due course, skills development, day-to-day therapeutic experience, personal growth and various courses will allow him or her to acquire supervisor status.

For individual therapists, their personal ”journey” from general body therapist to supervisor will vary considerably. Moreover, the therapist’s age comes into consideration.  As a supervisor, you will be qualified to supervise and teach others. You will have developed your therapeutic skills over a longer period.  Moreover, personal growth plays a major role in a supervisor. Basically, most supervisors will have experience from other areas of our business. e.g. body-cleanse courses, prepararing course material, teaching students at entry level, authoring books, and more.

Most supervisors remain supervisors. The title of ”seniorvisor” is reserved for the few – namely therapists with year-long experience, immersion, development and commitment to Body S|D|S.  Moreover, a seniorvisor will have built up a considerable portfolio of long-standing clients.  However, it goes for all our therapists that they have taken and completed our three-year education, after which they were selected for working at our main centre, based on their convincing therapeutic skills.

For individual therapists, their personal growth phase may differ in length.  Some will be quick to develop technical skills in terms of manipulation and body approach, while others will have more focus on developing their communication skills vis-a-vis their client, and still others will develop something entirely different.  They all master the same basic techniques and skills, but in addition, they have undergone a major personal development process during their education, precisely to enable them to function as body therapists, with all everything that may imply.

There is bound to be a wide variation in how individual clients feel about our therapists.  What appeals to you does not necessarily appeal to your ”neighbour”, and for some, a general body therapist may be a better choice than a seniorvisor, and vice versa. Consequently, it may be beneficial to change therapists now and then.

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