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Body SDS Training

The Body SDS training system was designed by Bengt Valentino Andersen in 1982 and has been under constant development ever since. All of our training forms were designed for modern individuals and have their basic focus on health, prevention and strength. In today’s society, we all suffer both physical and psychological impacts, due to factors such as poor foodstuffs, pollution and stress.

The need for body awareness and a good immune response looms larger than ever before.

This is why our training methods have a special focus on optimizing our body posture, breathing and movement patterns, which in turn improves our health. The training is a combination of circulation, joint and coordination training. Using this combination, you will mobilize the entire body, not just parts of it. In order to achieve an optimal and strong physique you need to move the limits of your body – and to do so with us.

The powerful effect will not just be visible in your looks. It will also create a healthy internal environment.

Body SDS training can be combined with all other types of training. If you are a high-level athlete, our training is perfect for optimizing your performance. We experience ongoing and major changes in elite athletes who use our training system. The training is also a good supplement to the treatment, and you will soon be able to see and feel progress, even with as little as one weekly training session.

However, it should be remembered that mastering the exercises can take a while, so we always advise you to try it 3-6 times before deciding if this is for you.

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