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    As a trained body therapist, you have many options.

    You can coach and treat from your home, rent premises and start your own clinic, start a clinic in cooperation with other body therapists, or be employed at Body SDS A/S.

    Whichever your choice, you can organize your work as you please. You will have flexibility and liberty to decide on your own life.

    Do you want to work part time or full time? Do you want Body SDS to be your main occupation, a personal lifestyle, or a balance in-between? It is all up to you!

    Independent therapist

    After completing the 3-year basic training, you are entitled to call yourself Body SDS trained bodytherapist, and you can treat clients and teach Body SDS basic training. As an independent therapist, you are free to treat precisely as you want.

    Authorized Body SDS therapist

    You can also choose to become a license holder. Acquiring a license is the same as having you approved by Body SDS A/S, whether based in your own home or in rented premises. Once you have acquired a license, you become part of an active network that will assure that you maintain your professional standard and continue to develop in the right direction. Through post-training courses Body SDS will keep you posted on the most recent updated knowledge and insights in our field. As a license holder and authorized Body SDS therapist, you will be included on our website, as a Body SDS therapist we can vouch for and recommend.

    Employed at Body SDS A/S

    A third option is applying for a job in a Body SDS A/S clinic. Here you can give therapy, teach and coach. You can also participate in organizing fairs, detoxing courses and other events. However, there are only a limited number of vacancies each year.

    Post-training courses

    In the field of body therapy, new knowledge, research and development are an ongoing process.

    At the same time, our society and way of living are under constant change. Therefore, as a license holder, you can attend post-training courses in order to maintain and update your treatment methods.

    Professional courses consist of joint courses covering the whole body, psychology courses to improve your client contact, and pathology courses to improve your understanding of how to deal with different diseases.

    This means that as a Body SDS trained body therapist-sds, you will be working in a rapidly evolving field. Since this is a field dealing with modern man’s pressures and frailties, the capabilities you are trained for will become increasingly in demand. So you will not need to worry about running out of job options.

    Optional subjects and VAT exemption

    Today, if you buy and sell a commodity, 25 % VAT is added. Many therapists do not pay VAT, since the Danish tax authority has granted that target group a possibility of VAT exemption. This can only be done by taking an online anatomy course in addition to the general Body S|D|S education.

    There are several providers of courses that qualify for VAT exemption. Body S|D|S has carefully opted for a very professional and respected cooperation partner who follows developments in our field on an ongoing basis to ensure continued approval and acceptance by the Danish tax authority.

    More information


    As a student at the Body S|D|S body therapy education, you may have this course at a discount.

    The course is a combination of self study via books and e-learning. It is equivalent to 410 lessons in health science basics. Here you will learn more about anatomy and physiology. Moreover you will have a broad knowledge of pathology. You will also get lessons in Physiology, other alternative therapies and clinical practice guidance. The subjects will give you the necessary skills for keeping your records using a correct health scientific language.

    Course layout:

    Anatomy/Physiology: 200 lessons

    Pathology 100 lessons

    Psychology 50 lessons

    Intro to alternative treatment: 50 lessons

    Clinical practice guidance: 10 lessons

    Our main reason for recommending this course is that once you graduate as a body therapist, you can offer VAT-free treatments. But the added bonus is more knowledge, also about the body, which will prepare you even better for working as a therapist.

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