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    As a body therapist, you will be working with the numerous Body SDS methods.

    These methods will help you treat your clients’ physical aches and pains (back and neck issues, etc.), internal physical problems (organ problems) and emotional problems, such as stress – a typical welfare ailment – and everyday worries.

    For best results, our body therapists will combine our therapy and basic training – both disciplines that will become thoroughly familiar to you during your training.

    A Body SDS trained therapist will treat a wide range of clients with quite varied conditions and ailments. For that very reason it is important for you, as a body therapist, to be balanced, committed and to have a high level of proficiency.

    The methods and manipulations you will learn during your training are profound and multifaceted. However, the underlying philosophy is simple: The many impressions of everyday living are anchored and embedded in our bodies, so our physique and psyche are a whole, and not separate elements.

    In our modern society, we are exposed to stress on myriad fronts. We do not use our bodies appropriately: The result is tension, wear, discomfort and disease. We allow ourselves to be stressed, suffer performance anxiety, are marred by high ambitions, and lose resilience. Add to this the many emotions that are ”outlawed”, such as anger, vulnerability, nervousness, all of which put our ”inner sanctum” under pressure.

    Thus, a training course with Body SDS is not just theoretical and practical. You will also experience personal development, as your understanding of the human body and its roots evolves. You will find that you become more aware of what your body tells you, and better at looking after yourself.

    For most people, this is a rewarding personal process, enabling them to call forth the best in themselves and in others.

    So if your answer to one or more of the following questions is yes: Do you want a flexible and dynamic working day, where you make your own decisions? Do you want greater knowledge of and insight into the human body? Would you like to help others? – Then working as a Body SDS body therapist is the choice for you.

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