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What is cleansing?

Cleansing is a generic concept and can be performed at many levels. Women’s magazines will give you small, general tips on how to cleanse on a daily basis, such as drinking enough water and eating the right kind of vegetables.

At Body SDS, we focus on a more in-depth cleansing, where we look to cleansing your entire body and organ system. Cleansing out your body waste can be seen as a “resetting” of everything unhealthy your body has been through.

For optimal results and profound changes, spinach mash and lemon water will not do the trick. The target of our cleansing courses is for all clients to achieve a more sustained cleansing effect that will dramatically enhance your quality of life.

Unfortunately, without a professional detox cure, much of the unhealthy stuff you have ingested will remain in your body. Drugs, alcohol, sugar, coffee, bad fats and oils, dyes and chemicals from pollution and beauty products are a few of the harmful substances that persevere. All that the body cannot excrete naturally on its own, which in the long term could result in lifestyle diseases.

The renowned body cleansing methods of Body SDS will release most of those accumulated waste products.


The results of our courses are a healthy intestinal flora, a cleaner and smoother skin, brighter eyes, enhanced senses, increased energy, more body awareness, strength, regulated weight, vitality and generally a lighter and freer body to move in. All in all, a better health.

You get…

We offer 3 different cleansing courses. They all have different focus and duration, so you can select what best suits your needs. Cleansing is achieved, inter alia, via a healthy and hearty step-down diet and in-depth Body sessions. At some courses, cleansing is also done through fasting, relaxing Body SDS training and energy exercises.

As part of the courses you will be able to use us as your sounding board and receive good advice. For some courses, you will also have your own Body SDS therapist available through a major part of the process, and you will always be able to call the front desk and get answers to any further questions.

You will also get a meal plan, a shopping list, extracts from the recipes in our cookbook and freshly squeezed vegetable juice. For all the courses, you can participate in Body SDS training free of charge both during the process and in the preceding week. There will also be an opportunity to take advantage of our infrared sauna, against payment.

(Please note: You cannot participate in Bengt Valentino Andersen’s group exercise classes free of charge)

Cleansing symptoms

Cleansing is a major upheaval for the body, so side effects such as headache, nausea, discomfort and body tenderness may sometimes occur. However, people differ considerably in this regard

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