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    Aquateam is a deep-cleansing cure.

    Our bodies often run at reduced power due to our hectic everyday life and loads of stress from poor diet. Accumulation of waste in the gut are a burden on both skin, internal organs and the body’s overall condition. This can also materialize as a lack of energy, overweight, allergies, depression, anxiety and many of the lifestyle ailments that plague the Western world. A fasting cleanse is necessary in order to deep-detoxify the body of these stresses. Aquateam is a specific fasting cleanse programme developed by Body SDS.

    This course involves sparing diet, fasting and a cleansing Aquateam massage. A form of massage so deep that it can only be used for cleansing courses. Therefore, it is also extra effective.

    During the fast, your digestive system will be on “standby”, which frees body resources for self-restoration . This condition is called autolysis, during which the body begins to live off its depots. The advantage of autolysis is that your body will degrade and metabolize diseased, weakened cells and tissues, abscesses, crystals, as well as excess fat and fluid deposits. Thus, no vital organs will be affected.

    Above all, the effect of autolysis is renewal and improvement of digestion. Your body will be allowed to increase its nutrient absorption, with renewed vigour to excrete the wastes of daily life. An improved gastrointestinal system means an overall better health and well-being, since digestion is how we absorb the major part of our daily energy.

    On the 4 fasting days, you will consume lots of water, vegetable juices and special types of wellness teas.

    The programme consists of 3 parts: 10 days on a stepping-down diet, 4 days fasting, then 10 days on a stepping-up diet. The fasting takes 4 days. You will manage the first fasting day yourself. The next 3 fasting days are held as an intensive massage course with a selected Body SDS therapist at one of our Body SDS centres.

    Stepping down and up

    10 days before and after fasting, a number of foodstuffs are left out of your diet. These 2 courses are extremely important, since preparing the body by a mild cleanse. During step-down and step-up, you need to avoid eating the following: All sweeteners and gluten, honey, milk products, yeast, meat, eggs, wheat flour, coffee, tea, fruit juices, tobacco, alcohol, vegetables of the nightshade family, spices, and salt only in small quantities.

    However, we make it very easy for you – you get both recipes, a shopping list and a meal plan. Along with that, you will of course get a full list of what you can eat. We will do our utmost to help you get through and ensure your peace of mind during the detoxing process.

    The difference between our fasting courses and those of other providers

    What distinguishes Aquateam from other fasting cleanses is above all the Body SDS fasting massage. The massage is based on the meridian system that activates the organs of the body. This accelerates cleansing on the 4 fasting days, making it the equivalent to a cleanse that would normally require 16 fasting days. Among other things, this specific massage causes the body to switch to autolysis mode already on the first massage day (2nd fasting day). At the same time, your body grows softer, so it can better handle the deeper strokes.

    Please note: A “total novice” might benefit from starting with the Falles course or the Aquadeam course.

    CAUTION: Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, severely mentally ill, weak elderly, diabetes patients, clients with acute infections, goitre patients, cancer patients, those with cardiovascular disease, heavily medicated or those with eating disorders will need a slightly different approach to this course. Therefore, please contact our reception on 33323090 for more specific information.

    For more information please contact us: +45 33 32 30 90

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