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    Falls is a cleansing cure with a healthy, filling and nutritious sparing diet, facial and scalp massage and our special Body SDS oil massage of connective tissue all over the body.

    The facial and scalp massage counteracts tension headaches, dandruff, hair loss, eye-, ear-, jaw-, tooth and bite tension. Sagging skin, varicose veins and spider veins are reduced, and at the same time, facial muscle tensions are loosened, which – combined with the sparing diet – will reduce wrinkles and smoothen out the skin.

    That is why Falles is also called our ‘rejuvenating cure’, since many will look a lot younger and fresher after completing the course.

    The cure also addresses tensions in the neck region and the connective tissue of your body, including a focus on cellulitis (orange peel skin).


    Falles spans 9 days, of which the last 2 days are held in a Body SDS centre. Here, you will have a professional Body SDS massage. Falles is also an optimal cure against lifestyle diseases, as the customized spare diet and the focused massage sessions will speed up cell renewal in your body.

    You will be in safe hands throughout the process.


    Cleaner, smoother and more beautiful facial skin, relaxed head and neck region, regenerated, healthy connective tissue and less cellulitis.

    Falles is especially good for those suffering from migraine/headache or those with previous or present whiplash complaints

    For more information please contact us: +45 33 32 30 90

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