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    The core of Body SDS education is learning to dig into the causes of problems.

    This is about making a choice – a choice about healing and preventing causes, instead of merely reducing symptoms.

    With a meticulously planned course and distinguished teachers with great experience, you will be trained in a professional environment.

    In order to become a skilful Body SDS therapist, it is important for you to have a good theoretical ballast paired with lots of hands-on experience. The fact that body therapists work with people makes the practical element particularly important. The education therefore alternates between theory and practical experiments. In our classes, all participants will use one another as sparring partner, and sources of learning, experience and inspiration.

    Typically, Body SDS classes are quite inhomogenous in terms of age, gender and background, which is a great advantage, since this will get students accustomed to working with many types of people.

    Already during your first training year, as part of your learning process, you will start working with your own clients. So at a very early stage, you will get a clear image of that you will end up working with. During the entire course you will be taught more than 350 treatment techniques and 200 advanced training exercises. To assure an efficient and complete learning basis, we have videotaped our founders while performing treatment and training techniques. – In other words: We pass on first-hand knowledge. Courses have an equal distribution of therapy and training days.


    … Is a comprehensive treatment, the purpose of which is largely to realign the entire individual. As a Body SDS student, you will learn treatment techniques for the entire body. The technique is mastered by a combination of muscle massage, joint mobilization, pulsating movements, breathing techniques and the specific aku/zone press of Body SDS. Treatment is combined with conversational therapy, as needed.

    For your own well-being, you will also learn to use correct work postures and correct your own physical defects.


    … Is closely linked up with therapy.

    Training is a combination of circulation, coordination and joint training. You will learn how to realign your own joints and muscles and use them correctly. Practicing this combination will enhance your own understanding of bodily interactions, physical health and balance. Training is a good treatment complement and maintains a good and strong physique. Moreover, in our experience, students with a pronounced focus on training tend to evolve faster into proficient therapists.

    Duration of education

    In the 3-year Body SDS basic education, classes are held ca. 44 days a year, one fixed working day a week, plus a couple of weekends. With few exceptions, classes are from 9:00 to 16:00. We try to avoid classes in Week 7, the whole month of July, and in Week 42. However, this is not always possible. You have to take into account that classes can take place on holidays.

    Which subjects?

    In addition to the many classes concerned with practical treatment and training, you are also taught a number of subjects, all of which will help provide a robust basis for your future therapist career.

    Knowledge of organs

    For you as a body therapist, having a solid knowledge of the body’s organs is vital. You must know their location, structure and function, so you can identify the client’s problems if organ-related. Furthermore you will learn about the places on your body from where organs can be influenced.

    Muscles and joints

    You need to be familiar with all muscles and joints of the human body, since these are pivotal to our treatment techniques. In this subject, you will learn about the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system.

    Body SDS personal growth

    Here you will learn to enhance your understanding and tolerance of other people. You will acquire tools enabling you to process your past, grow aware of your own development and achieve a deeper awareness of your physique and psyche. Such capabilities are necessary in order to be able to relate neutrally to one’s clients.

    Detoxification course

    During your first year, you will complete a detoxification course together with the other students. The purpose is to clean out debris and make you aware of how your daily fare influences your body. This will help you understand how, by focusing on nutrition, we can strengthen and realign the body.

    Food and nutrition

    There is a lot of truth in the saying, ”You become what you eat”. Our food plays a significant role in how we accumulate or excrete debris, how much energy we have, and how we thrive more generally. This is why we teach food and nutrition, and you will acquire a basic knowledge of the field.

    Conversation-based therapy

    Work on physical therapy can be combined with conversational therapy, according to your client’s needs. As a body therapist, you will therefore learn how to communicate with a client in a variety of situations. Conversation can deal with physical and mental challenges.

    Body SDS empathy

    Empathy is not a subject, though still quite a fundamental part of your learning process as a body therapist.

    Empathy is a human capability to be present, identify with another body and listen to the signals it emits. With the subjects you learn during your Body SDS education, your sensitivity will gradually grow. Learning empathy takes total absorption, and it takes time to adapt it. Therefore it is essential for Body SDS education to take 3 years. Successful therapy relies on your capability for empathy, which – as a Body SDS student – you will develop in a sophisticated manner.

    Field of studyYear 1Year 2Year 3
    Workout 778189
    Body SDS´ theories17815
    Psychology - Communication - Personal development627155
    Annual exams999
    Shared days (repetition)161616
    Diet and nutrition1600
    Detox courses1600
    All sessions384352352

    Online E-learningSessions
    Disease pathology100
    Intro to other treatments50
    Clinic guide 10

    Extra benefits

    • Free training on all classes (except for Bengt V. Andersens)
    • 15 % discount on all products
    • 15 % discount on detoxification treatments in our infrared saunas
    • Student rates on treatments
    • Opportunity for special detoxification-courses at cut rates

    PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for printing or typing errors, price changes, or changes in the tax situation since the texts were prepared.

    What does the education cost?

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