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Background - About Bengt Valentino Andersen and Ole Kåre Føli

Body SDS is short for the therapy and training system of Body Self Development. Body SDS was founded in Copenhagen in the late 1940’s by Erland Hartung (b. 1913), who had a unique approach to the human body. Erland’s son, Ole Kåre Føli (b. 1944), and his grandchild, Bengt Valentino Andersen (b. 1965), have since developed the system into what is today known as Body SDS. According to this system, a body therapist will start out from the pains, aches and challenges of modern individuals.

We apply methods based on a large number of proven theories and manipulations that have successfully changed the lives of many people. The groundwork of the therapy system was laid by Erland Hartung. He was a master carpenter and concurrently began giving treatments in the late 1940’s. Erland Hartung became known as a ”popular healer”, because he made use of treatment techniques that were not widely known in his day. The groundbreaking part was that he complemented physiological treatment with psychotherapy and nutritional therapy. He was very soon to work up a file of more than 10,000 clients.

Ole, Erland Hartung’s youngest son, became interested in his father’s work at a very early age. He gave his first treatment session at the tender age of 12. He was apprenticed as a toolmaker, although during his apprenticeship he increasingly did stints at therapy. After three years at his work-place, his boss gave him a room and a treatment couch. After 9 years, at the age of 27, he took over his father’s treatment clinic.

This is where things gained speed. Ole Kåre Føli felt the need to communicate and develop his therapy system, so he gave speeches and organized courses around the country. Alongside his work as a therapist, he was also a successful handball player, with a period in the national handball team. As a child, Ole’s son, Bengt Valentino Andersen, suffered a serious spinal fracture and would probably have been disabled today, had it not been for the help of his father.

Already as a child (like his father), he took an interest in how the body works, and increasingly participated in treating others. This came to him naturally, since both parents were active therapists. At 15, he became an independent therapist.

A few years later, the seed was sown for the training types that are today integrated into Body SDS. The training is exclusively Bengt Valentino Andersen’s project, evolved from his tremendous knowledge about and insights into body and individual. Along with his therapist career, Bengt has been active in elite sports. In 1991, he won the European Championship in Okinawa Goju Ryo Karate. From 1985 to 1987, Ole and Bengt were associated with the Ranum Project (in Jutland, Denmark), a multidisciplinary therapist co-operation on severe illnesses.

When the project was concluded, Ole and Bengt decided to team up: On October 1st, 1991 they opened their centre of Body Self Development Systems in Karlslunde. Today, Body SDS also has a Copenhagen facility at ”Parken” the national sports arena and entertainment centre. In the mid-1990’s, after running their clinic for some years, they decided to create their Body SDS education.

Today, all Body SDS knowhow is communicated to the Body SDS therapists working at our centres. Also today, Ole Kåre Føli and Bengt Valentino Andersen remain two of the world’s most renowned body therapists. Right from New York Ballet to Tour de France. Ole’s contribution during Tour de France – with Bjarne Riis´ cycle team, Laurent Jalabert, Tyler Hamilton and the other riders – and Bengt’s contribution to relieving stress on X-Factor participants have raised public awareness of the formidable results that Body SDS can achieve.


Thus, Body SDS is based on years of development and a number of proven theories. However, the underlying philosophy is straightforward: The multifarious impressions and expressions of day-to-day living are imbedded in our bodies. Our bodies mirror our well-being. In other words: Our physique and our psyche form a whole and are not separate entities.

In our modern society, we are exposed to stress on myriad fronts. Many do not use their bodies appropriately: The result is tension, wear, discomfort and disease. We allow ourselves to be stressed, suffer performance anxiety, are marred by high ambitions, and lose resilience. Add to this the many emotions that are ”outlawed”, such as anger, vulnerability, nervousness, all of which put our ”inner sanctum” under pressure.

The methods developed by our ”founding fathers” help us repair our clients’ physical aches and pains (back and neck issues, etc.), internal physical problems (organ problems) and emotional problems, such as stress – a typical welfare ailment – and everyday worries. The basic idea is that the end target of all our disciplines – both training and treatment / body cleansing – is to alleviate an individual’s weak points and challenges.

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